About Us

Jeff O'Connor first realized his passion for cooking while serving the church. Feeding the homeless and going on mission trips fueled his passion and in 2013 he opened Rochester Smokehouse & BBQ. He ran both his Rochester TV and Rochester Smokehouse businesses for five years before closing his TV repair business down after 28 years in 2018. He dedicated his passion to cooking and smoking meats and making all his side dishes from scratch. The business quickly grew and his restaurant opened inside the old Penn Beaver Hotel in Feb of 2021 during the middle of a pandemic. While most places were closing, the Smokehouse restaurant thrived for five solid months. Realizing the extreme challenges of a pandemic and worker shortages along with supply chain and shareholders demands. Jeff decided to downsize and focus on take-out and curb-side pickup since seventy percent of the restaurant business was take-out. Looking to add in-house delivery options soon, adapting and adjusting to an ever-changing world and how we eat our food.